A world-wide Digital Transformation has begun even before COVID-19 and although COVID-19 didn’t start the transformation

it has accelerated it even faster.



In this new
'Digital Transformation'


Investing in Digital Real Estate provides huge advantages over traditional commercial real estate investing.



is launching an aggressive expansion program across Canada and the United States.

They are Redefining Retail Shopping & Real Estate Investing creating new financial opportunities for both Retailers and Investors


Why browse one online store when you can browse a whole mall of online stores in your city? SunClub Digital Malls are transforming online shopping into a new experience.

Imagine this: you walk into a mall, browse your favorite local brands, talk to customer support face-to-face, get big discounts, exchange your purchases, check out the new releases on the rack, and finish all of your errands without leaving the mall. Everything you need is right at your fingertips.

Now imagine you did all of this without leaving the comfort of your favorite chair at home.

That’s what SunClub Digital Malls is bringing to cities across the US and Canada: A new digital mall experience.

Many local malls will be forced to close their doors over the next years as COVID has dramatically changed how we shop.

But how can local vendors and shop owners who rely on mall foot traffic continue to thrive when the old model is broken?

By having a digital storefront in one of the many SunClub’s Digital Malls across the

This mall isn’t like any online shop that already exists. SunClub Digital Malls offers a 360-degree experience. You feel like you’re truly walking the mall, browsing all the stores, and seeing what each store features with your own eyes.

By combining AI and cutting edge technology, you get the whole experience of a mall from the comfort of your home: Talk face-to-face with in-store support instead of endlessly trying to chat with a robot, get live-stream footage of the inside of each store, know what’s on the shelves and in-style while drinking your coffee at your kitchen table, meet with the store customer representatives via a Zoom type call, then buy your beloved local services and products that aren’t sold anywhere else!


SunClub Digital Malls gives each business the infrastructure they need to thrive as an online store: online shops, marketing, advertising, and more. Consider this infrastructure that SunClub provides the online storefront of the decade. Each business can rent their digital, online storefront for as long as they need it, giving them access to selling online without the painful or expensive learning curve.

All businesses need to do is continue doing what they’ve always known how to do, in a mall or outside of one: provide customers the products and services that they want.

These new digital storefronts help businesses get seen and sell online without becoming online business experts. They don’t miss out on the face-to-face sales that offer virtual stores lose by going virtual. With SunClub Digital Storefronts, you get the whole face-to-face customer experience.

SunClub Digital Malls are the Real Estate Investment of the Future. And this is the one investment opportunity you don’t want to miss out on.

SunClub Digital Mall's

Successful Marketing

Our sole mission is to help Business Owners grow their businesses during these challenging times.

Whether it is through our easy-to-use and affordable local marketing technology incorporated into Digital Store Front locations located in nationwide SUNCLUB Digital Malls or a customer marketing campaign that we create, implement and monitor through our in-house advertising agency: Sun Creative Group.

SunClub Digital Malls provides groundbreaking marketing technology that offers a full range of customer engagement tools to help Digital Store Front Owners enhance the way they connect with customers, build loyalty, manage content and track results. We help our Business Partners increase their visibility using turn-key solutions, allowing the owners to get back to running their businesses while we work behind the scenes to get them results.


It is the perfect marriage of brick & mortar to point & click.

Since sidewalk shoppers have become online searchers, retail has never been the same. FACT: businesses with an online presence grow 40% faster than those that don’t. The time is now to be seen and noticed online– with a local online marketing strategy that brings more business both online and more customers through the doors. SUNCLUB Digital Malls provides the right mix of solutions that can help Business Owners turn online shoppers into repeat customers.

Regardless of sector or industry, to thrive on today’s battlefield, embracing the emerging technologies, trends and cultural shifts is crucial.

If today’s businesses are looking to secure a sustainable commercial future, investing ample time, money and energy into their digital transformation strategy is a wise move.


80% of today's ecommerce transactions are video-based.

Print media, while still relevant, is a less potent force than it once was. Today's hunger for visual content is inherently digital and to connect with the your target audience you have to provide engaging marketing materials that are video-based. Digital channels and touch points are the best way to deliver such communications.

Today's average college student has never so much as licked a postage stamp.

In the age of digital native, analog approaches to promotional as well as internal communication will seldom provide the results businesses need for success.

61% of smartphone users admit to regularly sleeping with their smartphone under their pillow or next to their bed.

A staggering insight that is a testament to today's mobile-centric mindset. By investing in mobile offerings, from applications to mobile-optimized landing pages and social media content, businesses stand to accelerate their business success in an increasingly digital age.


Conversational Commerce:

The Future Has

For every industry, staying ahead of the most recent trends is the only way to survive, excel, and thrive in our ever-changing world.

Conversational commerce is when brands use interactive media to communicate with customers and lead them to making a purchase. This isn’t just customer service; conversational commerce turns the buying journey into a conversation rather than a one-way dialogue of promotional messaging for the customer to accept or reject.

Conversational commerce is when brands use interactive media to communicate with customers and lead them to making a purchase. This isn’t just customer service; conversational commerce turns the buying journey into a conversation rather than a one-way dialogue of promotional messaging for the customer to accept or reject.



The marketing world loves its buzzwords.

Every year there’s a new buzzword, tactic, hack, or template that has everyone foaming at the mouth. A new process which is “guaranteed” to grow your business to exponential levels.

Often, these trends burn out quickly. You’ll see an influx of new “gurus”, a handful of success stories, and several derivative products. But after a couple of weeks or months, these new trends disappear and everyone moves onto the next new thing. But sometimes, these trends have some staying power. They have the power to change the marketing world and the way brands and businesses engage with their users.

One such trend is the popularization of conversational commerce.

In the span of a just a few short years conversational commerce has skyrocketed to the top of many businesses must have list.

You might not realize it but brands including Sephora, 1-800 flowers, and Staples have put a ton of money into developing a conversational approach to their ecommerce efforts.

With every passing month, an increasing number of brands are adopting a more conversational approach to their marketing.

This increased popularity has caused a buzz around the term. Yet, despite the buzz, there’s a staggering level of ignorance. Most people have heard of conversational commerce, but aren’t exactly sure what it is.

Digital Malls and Digital Store Fronts

As a result of the rapidly changing retail landscape, SunClub Digital Malls of America is currently launching Digital Malls across Canada and the United States in partnership with investors. The company is targeting online malls in cities with a minimum population of approx. 100,000 or more. That minimum population base will guarantee that a successful digital mall can be profitable and successfully established to cater to local consumers while providing a healthy return to investors.

The ideal tenant in a SunClub Digital Mall is an existing retail store that can then enhance their marketing presence in their trade area. By keeping their existing retail location they can go both online and establish an online digital marketplace that is different and unique.

SunClub Digital Malls has developed the concept of the “Digital Store Front” where SunClub will provide an all-inclusive rental package to prospective retailers and “Rent” or “Lease” them a digital store front location in their Digital Malls.

Retailers that are currently on the internet usually just feature an online catalogue and shopping cart.

However, SunClub Digital Malls goes further and has created the 360 degree virtual experience. Retailers can now engage their visitors with 360 degree video tours of their business stores and products with interactive Hot Spots, Live Chat and more.

No longer a static experience, SunClub Digital Malls allows shoppers to interact in person with a customer service representative that can present a specific product, explain it, answer questions and then proceed to close the sale just the same as if the customer was meeting face to face in a store with a salesperson.

Therefore the “Digital Store Front” is not only the traditional shopping portal for a retailer that features an online catalogue and shopping cart but now incorporates a 360 degree view of the actual retail outlet with unlimited Hot Spots on products the retailer wishes to feature. After passing over the Hot Spot a description will pop up that describes the product in detail and the viewer can choose to read it in over 100 languages with immediate translation of the description. As well additional images and videos can be added as well as the option to make an immediate purchase.

Other features of the 360° experience include:

Zoom-Like Live Video Chat Technology

to Engage & Close Customers On The Go. Appointments can be scheduled for specific times to interact live if required.

Product Webinars and Demonstrations

These can be scheduled and prerecorded for future viewing 24/7 for new product introductions or special events.

Sell products

via the built-in sophisticated e-commerce portal. Shopping has shifted from visiting physical malls to online not just temporarily but maybe forever.

Instant gamification

to boost engagement & incentivize action. Special offers or discounts can pop up during a viewers visit to entice an immediate sale.

Lead Generation

system captures visitor data for future follow-up.

Multiple Scenes

Retail store tours are not just restricted to one section of their store but viewed by adding multiple scenes.

Background Music

is included in our Digital Malls – Adding music while shoppers are touring online stores will retain their attention.

Conversion Boosters

Retailers can easily add customer reviews with ratings in all their virtual tours to help convert visitors into paying customers. In a study from iPerceptions, 63% of customers are more likely to make a purchase from a store with online reviews.

Auto Rotation

Store tours in our Digital Malls can be viewed on all devices fitting to their individual screens.

Analytics & Retargeting - Google and Facebook Ad Pixels

Our integration with Google Analytics gives retailers access to the insights from their analytic codes within each tour.

Unlimited Space

In a traditional mall or physical store front retailers are restricted with how much inventory or floor space that can be used to showcase their products. SunClub Digital Mall frees retailers from the constraints of floor space. They can have as many products from as many vendors available for sale as the retailer wishes.

Inbuilt viral engine

This allows a current tour visitor to share their tours with their friends on social media which will bring the retailer more visitors and customers.

Mall Locations

All advertising and promotion activities are directed to where visitors will search for their city and then be directed to their local SunClub Mall.

Each Mall will feature major retailers such as The Bay, Staples, BestBuy, Walmart, Amazon, and leading fashion retailers. These are affiliate partners of each Mall where a variable percentage is received from each sale generated online through the mall.

However, the majority of revenue for each Digital Mall will be generated from the rental of “Digital Store Front” locations to local retailers.


The Financials

For the Retailer

Businesses that locate in traditional shopping malls pay a base rent plus common area charges that includes property taxes, insurance, maintenance, utilities, security, landscaping, garbage collection as well as a contribution to a promotion fund. As well mall retailers pay additionally a percentage of sales once gross sales surpass a specific mark and then are required to pay that percentage for every additional dollar in sales as additional rent.

For example: A typical shopping mall tenant leasing a space of 1900 square feet at $30 per square foot will have a monthly base rent of $4,750 plus common area charges of approx. $500 = $ 5,250 per month without calculating any percentage rent on extra sales.

Not with SunClub Digital Malls – Retailers will enter into a minimum 6-12 month rental lease orlonger for a longer for a complete turn-key digital store with all marketing and advertising support provided. Lease rates will start from $495 – $995 per month total for each Digital Store Front, with no additional charges.

The advertising and marketing campaigns to promote the digital mall to consumers on behalf of the retailers can also be included with the same marketing campaigns for their physical store front locations. This will include targeted Facebook and other social media programs as well as traditional media outlet marketing programs.

Covid-19 is forcing local businesses into the digital age, whether they like it or not…because that’s where their customers are now.

Those who fail to adapt will continue to lose customers and eventually go out of business, if they’re not already. But for those smart local business owners who can spot a big opportunity when they see one, and are able to adapt their business model to ride the wave of the NEW Local Digital Economy, will not only survive this massive economic shift, but they’ll actually THRIVE within it.

SunClub Digital Mall’s goal is to help save local businesses from the impact of the Corona virus pandemic. We are helping them convert their existing products and services into a new online virtual revenue stream. This allows them to immediately tap into a hidden source of new customer sales that has been created by this crisis.

Retailers will no longer be dependent on walk-in traffic or paying landlords ever increasing lease rates and increasing expenses like property taxes for physical retail locations. Owners will gain the confidence in knowing that they are taking the right steps to protect their financial future not only for themselves, their family, their employees but everyone else who depends on them.

The Investment


SunClub Digital Malls of America will be inviting investor participation in the growth and expansion of this exciting new retailing opportunity.

Ownership of each individual mall will be available to qualified investors who wish to diversify their investments from traditional commercial real estate into the new “Digital Real Estate”. The investment costs are a fraction of investing in traditional commercial real estate and SunClub Digital Mall of America offers a total turn-key 100% managed investment on behalf of investors.

If businesses are currently pay thousands of dollars to get their storefronts on busy, high-traffic areas or in leading shopping malls HOPING people passing by are interested in whatever they’re selling…then why would they hesitate to lease a Digital Store Front in a busy online Digital Mall at a fraction of their current rental costs.

Digital Real Estate is an extremely sound investment opportunity by offering stable cash flow, security and flexibility, ease of operation, and much more. In 2022 and beyond, e-Commerce retail transactions are expected to climb to 51% exceeding physical storefront transactions. As traditional malls and department stores lose relevance, a gold rush-like opportunity in retail appears on the horizon. Classic retailers and local businesses have the unique opportunity to establish themselves within the next generation of malls where consumers will spend their leisure time and dollars. The future is digital, and now is the best time to jump on board!


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