One of the stock market’s greatest success stories of the past decade is Shopify (NYSE: SHOP)

The company was founded by three college buddies in Ottawa, Canada who were trying to create an online snowboarding business. But they quickly realized that the tools they had built to create that website were highly scalable and very valuable in helping other people to create their own online stores.

So, after building that initial snowboarding website, the Shopify founders pivoted the business to provide e-commerce solutions to other small retailers.

The business grew. And grew and grew and grew. Until now, Shopify is the technology backbone of e- commerce operations for millions of retailers.

Early investors scored life-changing returns with this stock.

Shopify went public at $17 per share in May of 2015. It has traded as high as $2,139 per

You would be enjoying a 5,340% return on your investment, compared to the 124% the S&P 500 index generated over that same period. That’s more than 40 times the return of the broad market index, and means $1,000 would be worth around $54,500 at its high. In contrast, the same money put into an index fund would be worth about $2,240.

As expected, many investors that couldn’t get in on the stock back then are avoiding entering positions now in fears of less impressive gains moving forward.

Fortunately, there are smaller companies that propose very exciting potential. SunClub Digital Malls of America could be one of those companies that could produce massive returns.

E-commerce needs companies like SunClub Digital Malls. Online retail has been steadily growing over the past decade. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, investors have seen a lot more money flow into that industry, pushing the stocks of companies operating in the e-commerce space into the stratosphere.

One strategy that investors have used for years is to find

That means “the next Shopify” or “the next Amazon.” SunClub Digital Malls of America is practically, at this moment, an unknown Canadian company following closely in Shopify's footsteps.


The company has created a platform and set of tools encompassing the strongest support staff for member retailers to enable them to sell their products online better than anywhere else. Utilizing Conversational Commerce and 3D video marketing incorporated into a SunClub Digital Mall in all major cities in Canada and the United States will naturally lead to thousands of retailers renting or leasing space in their local SunClub Digital Malls.

This will spark an enormous surge in SunClub revenues, and an enormous advantage to investors that get in on the ground floor by investing in their local SunClub Digital Malls.

In the big picture,
SunClub Digital Malls is creating the future of shopping. But here’s the thing. Most of us love to be social. But online shopping – for all of its wonderful price, convenience, and access benefits – is not social. It’s isolated.

SunClub Digital Malls is capitalizing on this shortcoming of e-commerce, by merging “social” with “Shopping.”

This is a big deal because, if you recall the Shopify story, it caters to sellers.

By merging social with shopping, SunClub Digital Malls is creating a platform with a ton of highly-engaged potential buyers who will spend up to 30 minutes per day on the platform. Compare that to Amazon, where average time per visit is seven minutes.

Now, some of you might be saying: “Well, e-commerce is meant to be quick. Get in. Get out. Why is spending 30 minutes a day on a shopping site a good thing?”

Because engagement is value. The more engaged a potential buyer is, the more likely he or she is to discover a new product he or she wouldn’t have otherwise discovered, and – more importantly – the more likely he or she is to buy that new product.

Let's look at this from a

Seller's or Retailers perspective.

As a retailer, you could either:

A) sell on Amazon/Shopify, where everything is transactional and you have to rely on marketing dollars, SEO gimmicks, and product reviews to drive sales, or

B) sell on SunClub Digital Malls, where everything is so much more than transactional, and you can rely on creating local communities, engaging with users, and being social to drive sales and drum up consumer loyalty.

The choice for most will be fairly obvious: You’re going to sell on SunClub Digital Malls. It gives you a better chance at long-term success than Amazon/Shopify.

To that extent, SunClub Digital Malls is following the Shopify blueprint for success.

Build a platform and set of tools that helps retailers sell their products online better than anywhere else. Have those retailers flood our shopping mall platforms across Canada and the United States with lots of inventory. Let that inventory attract a ton of demand. And then, let that demand attract more retailers, creating a virtuous growth cycle.

Shopify leveraged this virtuous growth cycle to create a $140 billion e-commerce technology empire. SunClub Digital Malls could do the same.. So if you missed out on Shopify, don’t worry. Maybe it’s time to take a bet on what could be the next Shopify — SunClub Digital Malls of America.

SunClub Digital Malls of America

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